The best cuts of meat, chicken or lamb, freshly prepared and marinated with herbs and spices, served off a skewer in a hot pitta bread with fresh crisp salad and onions. Accompany this delicious meal with a choice of our own freshly prepared chilli sauce or yoghurt mint sauce, salt and lemon.
  • Donner

    Thinly sliced Donner Meat.

  • Lamb

    Cubes of lamb brushed with olive oil & oregano.

  • Plain Chicken

    Cubes of chicken breast brushed with olive oil.

  • Marinated Chicken

    Cubes of chicken breast marinated in tandoori masala.

  • Chicken Shwarma

    Chicken, sliced off the spit, marinated in mediterranean herbs, spices and garlic.

  • Piri piri Chicken

    Cubes of chicken breast marinated in a piri piri sauce.

  • Mixed (80p extra with lamb)

    Choice of two meats.

  • Sol’s Greedy Kebab (80p extra with lamb)

    Your choice of 3 meats.

  • Served on Naan Bread (extra)

  • Garlic Naan Bread (extra)

  • Garlic Pitta Bread (extra)

  • Tray of Donner Meat With Chips

    Salad additional 50p

  • Tub of Sauce (4 oz)

    Tab of chilli, extra hot chilli, yogurt, mayo, garlic mayo, mango chutney, sweet corn relish, burger relish, tomato sauce, piri piri sauce, BBQ sauce, sweet chili.

  • Portion of Pickled Chillies

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